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  1. We (my community) are playing with a small group in the Big World update. Anvh is my name in game feel free to poke me if you see me ^^
  2. no levels not persistent procedurally generated worlds 5km by 5km housing and sorry for the english ^^
  3. Ah cool. Yeah, i actually wonder if redmoon will ever come and most likely it will be the last of the content?
  4. Wondering who is still playing from time to time. I'm missing you guys
  5. I can ^^ Have an DS ready alt who kills system deamon xD But I can not access their forums...
  6. For me it is kinda over to be honest, not sure if I will raid with ffg but will try a week
  7. =they have killed it already so we will follow their tactics i assume, not that we will discover it with senflammes together. I know some of the old forged, they are indeed a nice bunch I'm not saying they arent. But for me the goal was to finish this with senflammes and not with another guild.
  8. Also i have no adress for their TS you did not post that
  9. playing blade and soul and im on voice here xD in short i can not make an enjin account, not sure what else there is to talk about? ^^
  10. Ah okay I can't sign up on enjin, have had a lot of troubles with them. Is there any other way?
  11. You will know how i feel Do not worry you will understand some parts I think. Shit Stun Fuck Maybe Gnark or Sanfie can take the French players under their wing? I'm really wondering what the plans are now since nothing is really said. It now comes over as we stop> if you want to raid apply Forged of Chaos> bye
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