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44 Neutre

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  • Rang
    Feu Follet
  • Date de naissance 13/06/1986


  • Jeu actuel principal
    Final Fantasy XIV
  • Jeux attendus
    Crowfall, Starcitizen
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    PvP 75% / PvE 25%

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  1. Pybo

    [Stormblood] Compilation d'information Giveaways!
  2. Pybo

    [TOPIC UNIQUE] Vos screenshots !

    So er this happened, im a lala just a very tall one i promise
  3. Pybo

    Christmas 2018

    and you didnt invite the rest of us?!?
  4. Pybo

    [TOPIC UNIQUE] Vos screenshots !

    i was planning to swap back i just had to try something il be a lala by xmas
  5. Pybo

    [TOPIC UNIQUE] Vos screenshots !

    LOL Stalker!
  6. Pybo

    Christmas 2018

    im free all days apart from the 29th
  7. Pybo

    Christmas 2018

    of course! i go and i only speak like 10 words of French
  8. Pybo

    [TOPIC UNIQUE] Vos screenshots !

    Darth Lala
  9. Pybo

    Christmas 2018

    Last year we had a FC party, will we also this year?
  10. Pybo

    Bon Anni scrouge mcduck 

  11. We have gone from winter to summer and missed spring :thinking:

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    2. Joneleth


      it's the same here pybo ^^

    3. Archamedes_Fr


      no, spring was just delayed for 11 month

    4. Nathos


      Ok. Spring is back this morning :P

  12. Pybo

    Un lancement de MMO comme au bon vieux temps

    Im in beta, its very fun
  13. Pybo

    Un nouveau "Theme Hospital"

    oh hell yes!! @Liriellis this how you train??
  14. Pybo

    Secret Santa - Père Noël Secret